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Samba TV Acquires Screen6, Forming First Global OTT Measurement Solution

Leader in Next-Generation TV Analytics Acquires Technology Platform for Understanding Audience Across All Devices. San Francisco, CA – Dec 20, 2018 – As the audience for video splits across devices and consumer viewing behavior shifts from linear TV to streaming video, the ability to understand, measure and deduplicate audiences has become critical for both advertisers [...]

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Microsoft Surface Increases Ad Recall by 233%

The tablet market is facing a unique challenge - it’s a highly competitive market with over 165M units sold last year across multiple high-profile brands, but overall sales are down nearly 7% from 2016 which means consumer interest is waning. How can tablet manufacturers stay ahead of the competition while also driving more sales? [...]

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TV Audience Strategies for Spring Buying Season

Spring is usually synonymous with cherry blossoms, barbeques and softball. But as the weather turns warmer, it also means that consumers are in the market for a wide variety of new products from home goods to vacation packages to a new wardrobe. Given the collective buying power during this season, marketers are rightfully vying for [...]

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The Science Behind Modern Device Maps

The content consumption landscape today is a complicated one with a blurry line between the content and the device on which it is consumed. Viewers control when, where and how to watch their favorite shows across a growing number of connected devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku and more, making it [...]

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New Samba TV Audience Platform Puts Advertisers in Control

TV is well known as the medium to not only reach the masses, but also engage with audiences through highly impactful and effective content. Digital, on the other hand, has proven to be a ubiquitous medium providing the flexibility to reach the users at any time, anywhere. Given the strength of the two mediums, the [...]

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Non-Ad Supported Content is Pushing Way Beyond Standard Product Placement

While product placement isn’t an entirely new concept, in a world of growing non-ad supported channels, brands must become more strategic, creative and clever if they want to be associated with what audiences deem cultural currency. Today, creating awareness for products outside of paid advertising spots must push far beyond the flash of a logo [...]

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“This Is A Vital Analysis That Needs To Be Done”

  [SPOILER ALERT]   What started as a simple Slack post with the new GoT trailer evolved into something far greater, especially for TV fans (and data nerds) here at Samba. Behold our beautiful minds as we debate the movies in which Sean Bean dies and the assumptions to the impact on the narrative.   [...]

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Samba TV Raises $30 Million in Growth Capital

Investment led by Union Grove Venture Partners and bolstered with strategic investors to expand internationally and accelerate product development. San Francisco, June 19, 2017 – Samba TV, a data and analytics company offering the world’s leading TV Audience Platform, today announced that it has secured $30 million in Series B financing led by Union Grove [...]

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Samba TV Names Jen Whalen VP of Marketing

Seasoned Exec Joins from TubeMogul to Accelerate Growth and Drive Adoption for TV Audience and Attribution Products SAN FRANCISCO—(June 13, 2017)—Samba TV, a data and analytics company with the industry’s leading TV Audience Platform, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jen Whalen as the Company’s new Vice President of Marketing. Reporting to Ashwin Navin, [...]

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Kantar Millward Brown and Samba TV Partner to Introduce the Industry’s Largest and Most Precise TV Advertising Effectiveness Analytics Platform

Partnership offers marketers verified passive TV exposure data integrated into TV advertising effectiveness measurement NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kantar Millward Brown today announced that it has partnered with Samba TV in the U.S. to launch the largest and most precise single-source measurement solution for television advertising effectiveness. The partnership combines Samba’s TV dataset, one of the industry’s [...]

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