Samba Case Study: TV Data Increases Microsoft Ad Recall

When Microsoft set out to promote its new Surface lineup the primary objectives were to increase ad recall amongst audiences not exposed to Surface TV commercials, and stay top of mind with consumers that were faced with many competitive options. Secondary goals included aligning the Surface with specific TV content, finding new audiences that were unexposed [...]

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Schlage Lifts Revenue With Advanced Media Buying Strategy

Lock hardware manufacturer Schlage may be a 100-year-old company, but it's taking a modern and advanced approach to media buying across all screens. Through a partnership with Samba TV, Centro, Placemedia, Schlage's AOR The Basement was able to boost both retail and e-commerce revenue with a holistic data-driven strategy that was highly targeted and measurable. The [...]

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Microsoft Surface Increases Ad Recall by 233%

The tablet market is facing a unique challenge - it’s a highly competitive market with over 165M units sold last year across multiple high-profile brands, but overall sales are down nearly 7% from 2016 which means consumer interest is waning. How can tablet manufacturers stay ahead of the competition while also driving more sales? [...]

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