2019 March Madness Strategy

    Bracket busted? Advertisers can choose wisely when trying to reach distracted March Madness viewers March Madness results in billions of dollars in lost business productivity as many consumers prefer watching games over doing their day jobs. The good news for advertisers is that March Madness is a great opportunity to engage with sports [...]

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Holding Companies Revise 2017-2018 Global Ad Spend Forecast

Three leading advertising firms published revised global ad spend forecasts this week for 2017 and 2018, with each showing confidence in an overall increase. The previous forecasts were released between June and September of this year.  Zenith (Publicis), Magna Global (Interpublic*) and GroupM (WPP) were all consistent in forecasting a slowing-down of television advertising that [...]

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Samba TV Analysis: Thanksgiving Day Viewership Trends

Thanksgiving has endured as one of the year's biggest holidays for live television viewing, offering more than nine hours of back-to-back-to-back NFL games, along with multiple family-oriented programs and events. Samba TV's Real-time Trending Tool, powered by proprietary visual Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology, provided snapshots throughout the day in order to shed light on [...]

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Non-Ad Supported Content is Pushing Way Beyond Standard Product Placement

While product placement isn’t an entirely new concept, in a world of growing non-ad supported channels, brands must become more strategic, creative and clever if they want to be associated with what audiences deem cultural currency. Today, creating awareness for products outside of paid advertising spots must push far beyond the flash of a logo [...]

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