Why Connected TV Should be a Key Tactic in Your Cross-Screen Strategy

Over the past several years, the lines between Television and Digital have become increasingly blurred. What was once a very black and white delineation — television meant linear programming and commercials; digital meant online content and banner ads — is now a grey area.  However, at the intersection of TV and Digital, a new format [...]

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Measuring Causality of TV Advertising is Critical for Marketers

Samba TV's advanced methodology of synthetic control groups enables Causal TV Attribution measurement Approximately $70 billion is forecasted for spend on TV advertising in 2019, and advertisers are rightly demanding advanced measurement of their investments to understand exactly how TV strategies are impacting their business.    However, one of the biggest measurement challenges has been quantifying [...]

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Microsoft Surface Increases Ad Recall by 233%

The tablet market is facing a unique challenge - it’s a highly competitive market with over 165M units sold last year across multiple high-profile brands, but overall sales are down nearly 7% from 2016 which means consumer interest is waning. How can tablet manufacturers stay ahead of the competition while also driving more sales? [...]

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The Science Behind Modern Device Maps

The content consumption landscape today is a complicated one with a blurry line between the content and the device on which it is consumed. Viewers control when, where and how to watch their favorite shows across a growing number of connected devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku and more, making it [...]

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New Samba TV Audience Platform Puts Advertisers in Control

TV is well known as the medium to not only reach the masses, but also engage with audiences through highly impactful and effective content. Digital, on the other hand, has proven to be a ubiquitous medium providing the flexibility to reach the users at any time, anywhere. Given the strength of the two mediums, the [...]

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Automatic Content Recognition: Benefits of Visual ACR (Part Three)

Welcome to the third installment of a multi-part blog series where we'll be exploring all aspects of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology. Part I covers an ACR overview and the methodology; Part II addresses the process, history and future of ACR.  Visual Automatic Content Recognition The accuracy, efficiency and scale of visual Automatic Content Recognition - [...]

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Automatic Content Recognition: Overview & Methodology (Part One)

Welcome to a multi-part series where we'll be exploring all aspects of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology. Click here to download Samba TV's full ACR whitepaper. When Samba TV invented and launched Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology in 2010, our goal was to provide a solution that bridges the gap between the worlds of [...]

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