With More Americans Staying Home, Premium Subscription Viewing and Streaming Experience Big Audience Boost

With millions of families around the world adapting to the new realities of social distancing, television viewership patterns are shifting significantly as Americans stay home and turn to their television for news and entertainment. While the world adjusts to these shifting norms, Samba TV has been working with many of our partners to leverage data [...]

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As Social Distancing Restrictions Expand, Samba TV Audience Analysis Finds Americans Are Spending Significantly More Time Watching Daytime Television

Samba TV released new research this week on the changing television viewing landscape as millions of Americans begin adjusting their lives to the new realities of social distancing. The analysis found that consumer behavior and television viewership patterns are undergoing significant shifts as millions of college students are released from campuses and millions of additional [...]

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Does it matter if you measure performance with one Smart TV brand, or many Smart TV brands? The answer is yes.

Today’s media landscape is more fragmented than ever. Consumers spend hours each week navigating an ever increasing array of content channels, creating new challenges for both marketers and publishers seeking to understand true audience reach and engagement.   As more and more providers begin to enter the television data and audience measurement marketplace to help answer [...]

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Women Led Television Programming Continues to Grow; And Everyone is Watching

According to the advocacy group Women in Hollywood, the number of female television characters increased in 2019 with women comprising 44% of characters on broadcast programs, 45% of characters on cable programs, and 45% of characters on streaming programs.  Overall, women held 45% of major character roles across all platforms.   These numbers largely mirror motion [...]

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The Long (Dragon) Tail: Game of Thrones & Time-shifting

HBO audiences remain highly engaged with the final season through time-shifted viewing The curtain has dropped on the final season of Game of Thrones, bringing to an end what is perhaps the most popular TV program of the last decade. However this does not mean viewers have stopped watching season eight; in fact Samba TV's [...]

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Super Bowl LIII: Samba TV Viewership Analysis

33.9M US Households Watched Super Bowl LIII See Our Full Analysis For More Viewership Insights Super Bowl LIII viewers were treated to the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in NFL history, but that didn't stop Samba TV from producing our annual analysis of the year's biggest live TV event. Based on proprietary ACR technology sourced from [...]

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Samba TV’s 2018 Most-Watched Primetime Rankings

Another year in the Golden Era of television is coming to a close. With so many content and programming options, Samba TV looked back at what was resonating with viewers for our first annual Most-Watched Rankings list for 2018. Samba's data science wizards sifted through and analyzed a year of viewership data to determine which [...]

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2018 Midterm Elections: A Cable News Analysis

Looking back at the 2018 Midterm Elections through the lens of  Cable News for viewer insights across the country   Voter turnout for the 2018 Midterm Elections was historically high, becoming the first midterm to exceed 100 million votes cast at the polls. On election night, Samba TV measured viewership across the three major cable [...]

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Measuring Major League Baseball’s Age Gap

See Samba TV's analysis of viewership trends for each World Series game, and insights on which age groups tuned-in (or out) for the broadcasts.    The 2018 World Series featured two classic MLB teams as the Red Sox defeated the Dodgers in five games, and also cementing Boston's legacy by submitting one of the most [...]

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