QSR Playbook: TV Audience Data is the Secret Sauce

QSR brands spent nearly $500 million on TV advertising in 2017, primarily across the major broadcast networks within tentpole events, reality programs and cable news. This presents several challenges for a crowded and competitive industry, the most-pressing being a lack of TV inventory to meet the high demand of QSRs all seeking to influence [...]

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Samba TV Strategy Guide: Elusive TV Audiences

Download the Strategy Guide With each passing upfront season, advertisers are faced with the growing challenge of reaching and measuring Elusive TV Audiences -- defined by Samba TV as Cord Cutters, OTT/Streamers and Light TV Viewers. These "off the grid" TV viewers can fall within a brand's target audience but have a low likelihood [...]

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Three Political Strategies for Midterm Elections

Political advertisers are ramping-up for the November midterm elections, but they are also faced with several challenges: a fragmented TV landscape, limitations of hyper-local targeting, and the difficulties tied to reaching elusive viewers such as Cord Cutters and OTT Streamers. Much has changed with cross-screen audience targeting since the 2016 presidential election - how can [...]

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TV Insights: Awards Shows & Multi-Cultural Millennials

Brands and advertisers looking to reach a niche audience of multi-cultural Millennials can focus on summer awards shows viewers, according to a recent TV insights analysis by Samba. Both the MTV Movie Awards and BET Awards skew heavily towards a younger audience, and both have a higher percentage of African American and Hispanic viewers when [...]

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Six Strategies to Boost Summer TV Retargeting

With summertime comes shifting TV schedules and lower viewer engagement, both of which require an advanced approach for reaching viewers. Executing a TV retargeting strategy that bridges the gap between Television and Digital screens provides the most effective strategy for ensuring your brand stays top of mind during the summer months. Samba TV offers more [...]

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Viewer and Advertiser Excitement Builds for Royal Wedding

Source: Vox.com The upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19th is poised to be one of the year's most prominent and unique TV events. Given the relative scarcity of high-profile UK royal weddings, and the massive star power of Windsor's royal family, this Saturday's broadcast has been building viewer and [...]

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Enhance Your Upfront Strategy With Smart TV Data

Each passing upfront season presents new challenges for broadcasters, advertisers and brands that must continually adapt to the rapidly changing TV landscape. Now in 2018 the primary issues are two-fold: Content fragmentation makes reaching a target audience extremely difficult; additionally, viewers are now 100% in control of where, how and when they consume TV content. [...]

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TV Audience Strategies for Spring Buying Season

Spring is usually synonymous with cherry blossoms, barbeques and softball. But as the weather turns warmer, it also means that consumers are in the market for a wide variety of new products from home goods to vacation packages to a new wardrobe. Given the collective buying power during this season, marketers are rightfully vying for [...]

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Four Ways TV Data Helps Win the Playoffs

Over the next few months, brands will be looking to the overlapping NHL and NBA playoffs as an opportunity to reach a wide-ranging sports audience. Both leagues feature diverse, growing fan bases and they're also both enjoying strong viewership this season - especially the NBA. However, advertisers looking to maximize their 2018 NHL/NBA playoff strategies [...]

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Samba TV & World Cup: Hit Your 2018 Goals

A staggering 3.2B viewers tuned-in to the 2014 World Cup, and this year everyone will again be watching in June to see who advances to Luzhniki Stadium and wins the cup. With all the clutter surrounding the year's biggest TV event, an effective cross-screen strategy is needed to cut through the clutter. Samba TV is here [...]

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