Early Holiday Trends Show Continued Decline in TV Viewership

Did your target audience watch your linear TV commercial during the Thanksgiving weekend, or were they too busy trying to stream the Mandalorian on their mobile phone?    We all know that when the holidays roll around, advertising spend increases in the hopes that consumers will buy the company’s product for their friends and family. [...]

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Reach Cord Cutters and Measure TV Boost This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year …Or is it? For many advertisers, the holidays can be a struggle to engage target audiences. Advertisers are continuing to use broadcast TV to reach the masses to promote their products. However, advertisers are struggling to adjust to the new realities, such as broadcast television ratings continuing [...]

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Five TV Data Strategies to Ensure Q4 Success

Q4 presents brands and advertisers an opportunity to end the year on a high note and influence consumers by activating TV viewership audience segments based on viewing habits, content consumption and commercial ad exposure. Samba TV offers five strategies to strengthen Q4 media plans and set yourself up for a successful year-end finish.   Strategy [...]

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Targeting Strategies For Summer TV Viewers

Winter is gone and summer is quickly approaching - seasonal shifts in viewing habits and content schedules should be taken into account as advertisers adjust targeting strategies for summer TV audiences. The combination of flexibility and scale positions TV data at the center of an effective cross-screen media plan that ensures advertisers are reaching viewers [...]

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How To Connect With PGA Tour Viewers

Source: CNBC.com The PGA is once again enjoying the spotlight following a thrilling victory by Tiger Woods at The Masters Tournament. High-profile majors such as the PGA Championship and U.S. Open are fast approaching, but it's not too late for brands to craft effective targeting strategies powered by TV data to connect with [...]

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The Big Bang Theory Finale: Samba TV Strategy

Source: the-big-bang-theory.com After twelve seasons The Big Bang Theory is coming to a close, walking away with seven Emmys and a reputation as one of TV's most-watched programs of the last decade. The upcoming finale on May 16th is certainly must-see TV - and while a handful of brands have secured commercial slots [...]

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2019 March Madness Strategy

    Bracket busted? Advertisers can choose wisely when trying to reach distracted March Madness viewers March Madness results in billions of dollars in lost business productivity as many consumers prefer watching games over doing their day jobs. The good news for advertisers is that March Madness is a great opportunity to engage with sports [...]

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QSR Playbook: TV Audience Data is the Secret Sauce

QSR brands spent nearly $500 million on TV advertising in 2017, primarily across the major broadcast networks within tentpole events, reality programs and cable news. This presents several challenges for a crowded and competitive industry, the most-pressing being a lack of TV inventory to meet the high demand of QSRs all seeking to influence [...]

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Samba TV Strategy Guide: Elusive TV Audiences

Download the Strategy Guide With each passing upfront season, advertisers are faced with the growing challenge of reaching and measuring Elusive TV Audiences -- defined by Samba TV as Cord Cutters, OTT/Streamers and Light TV Viewers. These "off the grid" TV viewers can fall within a brand's target audience but have a low likelihood [...]

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Three Political Strategies for Midterm Elections

Political advertisers are ramping-up for the November midterm elections, but they are also faced with several challenges: a fragmented TV landscape, limitations of hyper-local targeting, and the difficulties tied to reaching elusive viewers such as Cord Cutters and OTT Streamers. Much has changed with cross-screen audience targeting since the 2016 presidential election - how can [...]

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