ESPN’s “The Ocho” Boosts Viewership

Source: Adweek This past Wednesday (8/8) ESPN2 morphed into "The Ocho" -- a 24-hour extravaganza of oddball sports coverage paired with multiple airings of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. It was a low-stakes gamble for the sports juggernaut, transforming a mid-week slate of second-tier programming into an anticipated event, and Samba TV data shows [...]

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Ten Questions Your ACR Data Partner Must Answer

Television viewership data and insights powered by Automatic Content Recognition are becoming a central strategy for many brands and advertisers looking to meet the modern TV landscape with a modern solution. While several companies provide ACR-based products, not all ACR companies are created equal. Methodology, transparency, accuracy and scale all factor into the ability for [...]

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Cryptocurrency, Consumer Privacy and Data Control

The recent situation with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica reinforced that consumers are largely in the dark regarding data that's being collected on them, how it's being used, and who it's being shared with or sold to. It served as a wake-up call to the industry that consumers deserve a much higher degree of control and [...]

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Recap: Samba TV’s 1st Annual Summit

Samba TV began a new and exciting tradition last week by hosting our first-ever 'Samba TV Summit' on November 7th-9th in Calistoga, California. The event was hosted by Samba employees from around the globe and attended by sixty guests comprised of a diverse mix of brands, agencies, publishers, investors and industry leaders. Produced and organized [...]

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A Quick Primer on the TV Upfront Process

The TV upfront buy can be a complex concept for digitally-focused planners, buyers and strategists. Samba TV is here to demystify and untangle this legacy process, and provide recommendations along the way.  New York, September 15, 2017 - The earliest television commercials were presented live during a program broadcast (think soap sponsors during the first [...]

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“This Is A Vital Analysis That Needs To Be Done”

  [SPOILER ALERT]   What started as a simple Slack post with the new GoT trailer evolved into something far greater, especially for TV fans (and data nerds) here at Samba. Behold our beautiful minds as we debate the movies in which Sean Bean dies and the assumptions to the impact on the narrative.   [...]

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How many new viewers did the third Presidential Debate draw in?

Our research team analyzed TV viewership for the third and final Presidential Debate.  Amongst many other findings, the team uncovered that 22% of TV viewers did not watch the first two debates, and that 41% of those who watched the third debate watched both previous debates.  Read more about these and other insights in MediaPost.

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You Can Buy Everything You See on Lifetime & Wayfair’s New TV Series

Samba is teaming up with A+E Networks and Wayfair on a unique program they're producing called The Way Home.   We'll be their exclusive cross-platform measurement partner and will report how effectively on-air marketing drives viewers to The Way Home, and how the show drives engagement with Wayfair's website. Lee Boykoff, SVP of digital analytics and CRM at A+E [...]

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