With More Americans Staying Home, Premium Subscription Viewing and Streaming Experience Big Audience Boost

With millions of families around the world adapting to the new realities of social distancing, television viewership patterns are shifting significantly as Americans stay home and turn to their television for news and entertainment. While the world adjusts to these shifting norms, Samba TV has been working with many of our partners to leverage data [...]

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As Social Distancing Restrictions Expand, Samba TV Audience Analysis Finds Americans Are Spending Significantly More Time Watching Daytime Television

Samba TV released new research this week on the changing television viewing landscape as millions of Americans begin adjusting their lives to the new realities of social distancing. The analysis found that consumer behavior and television viewership patterns are undergoing significant shifts as millions of college students are released from campuses and millions of additional [...]

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Does it matter if you measure performance with one Smart TV brand, or many Smart TV brands? The answer is yes.

Today’s media landscape is more fragmented than ever. Consumers spend hours each week navigating an ever increasing array of content channels, creating new challenges for both marketers and publishers seeking to understand true audience reach and engagement.   As more and more providers begin to enter the television data and audience measurement marketplace to help answer [...]

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Women Led Television Programming Continues to Grow; And Everyone is Watching

According to the advocacy group Women in Hollywood, the number of female television characters increased in 2019 with women comprising 44% of characters on broadcast programs, 45% of characters on cable programs, and 45% of characters on streaming programs.  Overall, women held 45% of major character roles across all platforms.   These numbers largely mirror motion [...]

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CES 2020 Recap: Celebrating Our 11th Year

January is always an exciting time of year - it marks a fresh start to strive towards new goals, push boundaries, and explore uncharted opportunities. For many, no January would be complete without the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a week-long event showcasing new and exciting creations that exemplify the same ingenuity and [...]

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Recap of Samba TV Summit Deer Valley: Exploring the Future of TV Data

2020 is just around the corner, and with the new year comes many changes to the world of TV advertising; the introduction of the California Consumer Protection Act, increased competition in the streaming wars with the launch of Disney+, Peacock, Quibi, HBO Max, and a presidential election that promises to be the most expensive in [...]

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Ask a Samba Expert: The Data Science Behind Synthetic Control Groups

Ken Mallon - SVP, Measurement Sciences   Our “Ask a Samba Expert” series explores a variety of topics across data science, analytics and research to uncover behind-the-scenes details about the methodology and expertise of Samba’s ground-breaking Measurement Sciences team.   What is your background? I have found that many people in the research, analytics and [...]

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How Seasonal Viewership Trends Can Shape Your Holiday TV Strategy

Seasonality plays an important role in media strategy, and the holidays are perhaps the most critical time to optimize cross-screen campaigns in order to capitalize on viewership shifts and maximize exposure to consumers. As with holiday purchase habits, holiday TV consumption habits shift to align with changing work/family schedules and programming across broadcast and cable.  [...]

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Driving TV Viewers Down the Tune-in Funnel

Contributed by Nancy Yi - Sr. Business Development Manager 2019 upfronts are firmly in the rearview mirror, and broadcasters are now tasked with building on that momentum to help drive viewership for fall premieres. The new platforms and tools available each year present both a challenge and opportunity for tune-in marketers. But while the tools [...]

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