CES 2019 Recap: Ten Years & Counting

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2019 marked Samba TV’s tenth annual CES – it’s been humbling and inspiring to see the evolution of our CES presence: from our first year in 2008 of bootstrapping with a single laptop, to our 2019 booth in Aria C-Space which featured a massive LED screen and customized interactive experience. We’ve come a long way.

Rise Above Commercial Chaos

This year Samba TV’s CES experience was centered around the concept of creating a positive commercial experience for consumers, and showing brands how to Quantify their reach & frequency to identify the ideal levels.

Given the massive fragmentation of today’s TV landscape, brands are challenged to reach consumers without over-saturating or under-serving their target audience. Anyone that’s seen the same commercial over and over knows there is a problem to be solved, and at CES we showcased Samba TV’s solution.

In 2018 there were approximately 300,000 new TV ads aired, and consumers are being exposed to an average of 4,000 brand messages each day. Historically, the coordination of Reach & Frequency across all media channels has been nearly impossible – we’ve all likely experienced the resentment that comes with repeatedly seeing the same commercial, especially in OTT environments where frequency is difficult to monitor and optimize.

Samba TV Booth Experience

Our 2019 CES experience featured Samba TV’s two-step solution for helping brands rise above commercial chaos:

  1. Execute de-duplicated Reach & Frequency measurement from a single data source that allows brands to Quantify their ideal R/F balance, mitigate waste and ensure they’re creating a positive ad experience for consumers.
  2. Optimize media strategies using Samba’s TV data to find incremental reach against a target audience ands Amplify through digital and OTT, turning waste into gains.

Thank you to everyone that joined meetings and visited our booth – this year we exceeded 350 personal interactions over three days to make this the best CES yet, and we’re already looking forward to next year!



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