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Samba’s Guide to Reaching and Measuring Elusive TV Audiences

Outdated television targeting and measurement systems are missing large groups of Elusive TV Audiences. Samba offers a modern, advanced solution to solve the challenges tied to Cord Cutters, OTT Streamers and Light TV Viewers.

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What are Elusive TV audiences?

Traditional advertising and measurement is becoming less and less effective with the increasing prevalence of cord-cutters and decrease in cable subscriptions. There are four segments these hard-to-reach audiences fall into: Cord Cutters, OTT Streamers, Light TV Viewers, and television viewers that are unexposed to a brand’s TV spot.

Need a Large and Representative Panel

Traditional TV measurement and audience targeting methods are becoming obsolete – take an advanced approach to measuring cross-screen campaign ROI and tune-in rate.

Create custom segments

Available on Your DSP

Samba offers audience targeting to reach Elusive TV Audiences based on their viewing habits — not just an age or demographic proxy.

Search for these Samba audience taxonomies in your DSP:

  • Samba TV > Premium > Cord Cutters
  • Samba TV > Viewing Behavior > OTT Streamers
  • Samba TV > Viewing Behavior > Light TV Viewers
Activate programmatically

Download the Elusive TV Audiences Guide

Brands are struggling with Cord Cutters, OTT Streamers and Light TV Viewers — but Samba is here to help.

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