Five TV Data Strategies to Ensure Q4 Success

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Q4 presents brands and advertisers an opportunity to end the year on a high note and influence consumers by activating TV viewership audience segments based on viewing habits, content consumption and commercial ad exposure. Samba TV offers five strategies to strengthen Q4 media plans and set yourself up for a successful year-end finish.


Strategy #1: Ramp-up to the Holidays

Q4 features many of the year’s highest-profile holidays and each is tied to flagship TV events and content:

  • Halloween: Target viewers of Halloween TV specials and horror-related content such as The Walking Dead, Supernatural and American Horror Story.
  • Thanksgiving: Reach viewers of Thanksgiving TV specials (parades) and the full slate of high-profile Thanksgiving day NFL games.
  • Christmas: Every year Christmas programming seems to begin earlier; gain access to viewers that engage with Christmas-related programming by activating premium Samba TV data segments in your DSP of choice.

Strategy #2: Families, Food and Movies

  • Family programming: End-of-year programming is geared towards families as less time at school and work means more time in front of the TV. Samba has you covered with family-related programming, G-rated movies and TV program viewership segments.
  • Food/Cooking: Kitchens are busy and viewers turn to their favorite food-related networks for holiday meals and recipes. Target viewers of cooking shows, the Food Network and HGTV to put your brand in front of the in-home chefs and entertainers.
  • Movie Lovers: With more downtime comes more opportunity for movie nights – reach Movie Lovers that are engaged with networks such as Starz, The Movie Channel and others. This is especially effective for CPG brands looking to position products for movie snacking and impulse-buying.


Strategy #3: Live Sports

Q4 is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of all four major sports being in-season at the same time (along with college football). This overlap offers a unique opportunity to target a wide-range of sports viewership audiences:

  • MLB Playoffs/World Series: Reach viewers of the MLB playoffs and World Series along with hardcore MLB fans and message to a diverse baseball-loving audience.
  • NBA/Basketball: Once the NBA season has begun, viewers are engaged to see how their teams are faring. Capitalize on this increased engagement with Samba’s standard Basketball Fan audience segment.
  • NHL/Hockey: Hockey season will be underway starting in October – leverage Samba TV’s standard Hockey Fans audience segment and target viewers of NHL games.
  • NFL/College Football: Own Saturday and Sunday by targeting NFL and NCAA fans with a variety of Samba TV football audience segments. Reach viewers, hardcore fans and even fantasy football enthusiasts with standard audience segments.


Strategy #4: Competitive Conquesting

  • Samba TV captures all national TV spots for your brand and your competitors. Retarget viewers that have been exposed to a competitive TV spot with head-to-head messaging and increase market share. Automotive brands in particular employ this tactic to encroach on a competitor’s holiday incentives and retail events.
  • Activate a conquest strategy around Black Friday and reach consumers on Cyber Monday with custom programmatic targeting via Samba’s TV viewership audience segments.


Strategy #5: Shopping Season

  • As viewers turn to specific TV programming for gift ideas, position your brand by targeting consumers who engage with QVC and other TV Shopping Networks. Capitalize on a “buying” frame of mind and increase sales leading into the holidays and gift-giving season.


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