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Ring in The Holidays Across Every Screen

TV viewing habits are like snowflakes—no two are exactly alike! Connect with audiences across all screens with the industry’s largest TV data set using TV retargeting, programmatic TV data and connected TV ads.
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Pre-holiday launch

Get a head-start by targeting viewers of last year’s holiday programming and content that resonates with your target audience.

Real-time sync

Reach viewers in real-time on their second screens while they’re watching  their favorite holiday shows, specials and movies throughout the season.

Post holiday reach

Message to viewers who were unexposed to your holiday TV spots and ensure your brand exposure is maximized.

Retail affiliates

Submit a list of retail partners to target viewers in real-time while they’re getting exposure to your partner’s TV spot.

Popular TV Audience Segments for the Holidays

During the 2017 holiday season, the world’s largest brands and advertisers activated 200 campaigns with Samba TV to amplify their audience targeting capabilities across television, mobile device and desktop screens.

holiday tv programming

Holiday TV Programming

Includes TV networks including Hallmark and AMC that feature tons of holiday-related programming and season-specific TV shows.

Samba TV > Premium > TV Tentpoles > Thanksgiving TV Specials
Samba TV > Premium > TV Tentpoles > Christmas TV Specials

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Popular TV Shows
Macy’s Parades, Scrooge, A Christmas Story, Home Alone

Estimated Reach

OTT streamers

OTT Streamers

All OTT streamers who tend to watch holiday-relevant content on demand on OTT channels such as Hulu, Amazon and more.

Samba TV > Viewing Behavior > OTT Streamers

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Popular TV Shows
The Handmaid’s Tale, Silicon Valley, Westworld, Succession

Estimated Reach

cord-cutters and light tv viewers

Cord-cutters and Light TV Viewers

Audiences who have cut the cord or watch little-to-no TV programming and become elusive to advertisers attempting to reach them with TV commercials.

Samba TV > Premium > Cord Cutters
Samba TV > Viewing Behavior > Light TV Viewers

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Popular TV Shows
Hulu, Sling TV, DirectTV Now, PlayStation Vue & Misc.

Estimated Reach

binge watchers and heavy tv viewers

Binge Watchers and Heavy TV Viewers

Audiences who consume greater-than-average amounts of TV, like watching back-to-back holiday programs or rewatching an entire TV series during the holiday break.

Samba TV > Viewing Behavior > Binge TV Viewers
Samba TV > Viewing Behavior > Heavy TV Viewers

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Popular TV Shows
American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Estimated Reach

sports viewers

Sports Viewers

Hardcore and casual fans watching the basketball season heat up and the football season peak. Reach an engaged TV sports audience with Samba’s sport viewers segment.

Samba TV > Sports TV Enthusiasts
Samba TV > Sports TV Enthusiasts > Basketball TV Viewers
Samba TV > Sports TV Enthusiasts > Football TV Viewers > Football Shows/Movies

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Popular TV Shows
ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, NCAA, NFL Network

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sports viewers

CTV Audiences

Take over the TV screen with high-impact CTV ads that target genres such as Family & Parenting, Arts & Entertainment and Food & Entertaining.

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