How To Connect With PGA Tour Viewers

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The PGA is once again enjoying the spotlight following a thrilling victory by Tiger Woods at The Masters Tournament.

High-profile majors such as the PGA Championship and U.S. Open are fast approaching, but it’s not too late for brands to craft effective targeting strategies powered by TV data to connect with golf enthusiasts that will be watching the tournaments.

Whether you’re a commercial sponsor of PGA broadcasts, looking to align your brand with golf TV viewers, or aiming for competitive conquesting, Samba TV offers multiple audience targeting strategies to ensure you’re reaching an engaged and valuable PGA TV audience throughout the remainder of the 2019 season right up to the Tour Championship in August.

Reach Golf Viewers With Samba TV’s Amplify

Samba offers standard and custom TV viewership data segments to reach golf viewers with digital messaging on their addressable digital devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop/laptop).

These segments can run through a Data + Service campaign model with guaranteed performance results, and they are also ready to be instantly activated on all major DSPs by searching for the following taxonomies:

  • Viewers of The Masters and U.S. Open
    • Samba TV > Premium > TV Tentpoles > PGA Masters
    • Samba TV > Premium > TV Tentpoles > US Open
  • Golf TV Viewers
    • Target golf fans that have watched PGA tournament broadcasts
    • Samba TV > Sports TV Enthusiasts > Golf TV Viewers
  • Brand TV Spot Retargeting/Reach Extension –
    • Target viewers exposed or unexposed to your PGA broadcast commercial spot
    • Custom data segment that can be activated on your DSP of choice
  • Competitive TV Spot Retargeting
    • Target viewers exposed to your competitor’s PGA broadcast commercial spot
    • Custom data segment that can be activated on your DSP of choice


Quantify Performance & Measure Reach/Frequency

Be sure to implement a comprehensive and insightful measurement plan for your PGA cross-screen strategy – understand which tactics, creative messages and target audiences are driving success, and apply those learnings to campaign and R/F optimization with Samba’s Quantify solutions:

  • Uncover your campaign’s de-duplicated True Reach & Frequency for TV and digital ad exposures. Identify and minimize waste to reach your full potential target audience in order to maximize ROMI.
  • Understand the impact of your PGA tour strategy on real-world business outcomes by implementing a Broadcast Conversion Rate study – confirm which campaign variables are impacting campaign performance so you can adjust and optimize accordingly.


Contact your Samba TV representative to discuss a customized cross-screen strategy for PGA Tour viewers.


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