New Samba TV Audience Platform Puts Advertisers in Control

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TV is well known as the medium to not only reach the masses, but also engage with audiences through highly impactful and effective content. Digital, on the other hand, has proven to be a ubiquitous medium providing the flexibility to reach the users at any time, anywhere. Given the strength of the two mediums, the marriage of the two platforms has emerged as the go-to solution for advertisers looking for a true cross-screen outreach strategy to engage with TV audiences in digital environments.

A recent test by Samba showed that a campaign targeting audiences based on their TV viewership delivered a 300% uplift in conversion rates compared to non-targeted digital ads. To enable all advertisers to easily find audiences based on their exposure to TV content and activate them on the DSP of choice, Samba has launched its TV Audience Platform.


The Samba TV Audience Platform is a simple and intuitive platform to identify the TV viewership habits of your audiences and easily activate these audiences through your DSP.  It allows you to:

  • Plan your TV and digital campaigns based on the TV networks and programs that are keeping your target audiences engaged
  • Create custom segments based on exposure to TV networks, programs, your commercials or competitor’s commercials
  • Activate the identified audiences and stay up to date with our daily refreshed segments on most major DSPs and publishers including The Trade Desk, Google, Oath, Twitter, Spotify, Amobee, MediaMath among others


Among the advertisers who have been using the platform, some of the core advantages that our clients have specifically identified include:

  • The granularity of the TV data that allows them to go beyond just age and demo and filter based on their audience profile
  • Ability to create a tailored strategy that is unique to the brand by choosing custom segments which enables the brand to reach its target audience and deliver results
  • The flexibility to activate these audiences on the DSP of their choice


Read more details or request a demo today to find the audience segments that help you make audiences more addressable and measureable.

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