NHL Playoffs Analysis: Las Vegas Golden Knights

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Photo credit: Jeff Bottari

This year’s NHL Playoffs ultimately boiled-down to two major stories: Alex Ovechkin finally won his first Stanley Cup, and cemented his legacy as perhaps the greatest NHL player of this century. Additionally, the Las Vegas Golden Knights shocked the world by becoming the first expansion team in the history of the four major US sports to make it to the championship round in their inaugural season.

The impressiveness of this feat cannot be understated – the Golden Knights beat all odds to pull off a wild and exciting accomplishment that resonated with casual and hardcore hockey fans. And they did it while playing in a city – Las Vegas – that is not exactly known for it’s hockey popularity or prowess.

Given the unique storyline of a successful Las Vegas professional hockey team, and the destination/vacation nature of the city, Samba TV analyzed viewership for every Golden Knights playoff game to determine how much Vegas residents supported the team, where else the Golden Knights were resonating with hockey fans, and how their miracle run to the Stanley Cup Finals impacted TV viewership.

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