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Connected TV Ads

Put your brand at center stage across Smart TV screens with Samba TV’s 35MM connected TV households

Use Connected TV advertising to complete a holistic cross-screen strategy through high-impact video ads on Smart TV screens in connected households, and gain key insights through Samba’s suite of advanced data and research capabilities.

How It Helps

High profile messaging icon

High-profile Video Messaging

Reach viewers in the moment while they’re engaged with over-the-top (OTT)/Streaming content. Select specific content verticals and access inventory across 650+ CTV apps in all major categories.

Elimination of fraud icon

Eliminate the Concern of Fraud

Connected TV inventory eliminates the issue of ad fraud – have peace of mind knowing your CTV advertising with Samba are vetted, verified and 100% fraud-free.

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Premium CTV Inventory Partners

Samba TV partners with over 650 Connected TV applications and inventory sources across dozens of content verticals, including many additional premium partners in our comprehensive app list.

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Align with Specific Content Verticals

Select inventory from more than a dozen content verticals to ensure your CTV ads are reaching the right audiences at the right time. Samba TV’s comprehensive list of content verticals covers all major categories.

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How It Works

Samba captures content that appears on the screen

Select your content vertical from a comprehensive list of more than a dozen categories.

Set up a programmatic PMP

Setup a programmatic PMP or let Samba TV manage your Connected TV advertising campaign.

Your ad shows to engaged viewers

Your pre-roll video ad is served on smart TV screens to engaged viewers, and campaigns can be purchased on a CPM or CPcV basis.

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See how the Samba TV Audience Platform delivers addressable audiences and measurable impact.

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