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Programmatic TV Data

Scale your outreach with programmatic activation of TV audiences on your preferred DSP.

Layer TV audience targeting onto your digital campaigns through the DSP of your choice and activate them programmatically for scale.

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How It Helps

Amplify Your TV Message

Scale your 1:1 targeted campaigns by combining it with programmatic activation with daily refreshed TV audience segments on DSPs.

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Align with TV Tentpoles

Leverage the highly interactive nature of Twitter to engage users tuning into big TV tentpoles such as Super Bowl, Oscars, Olympics, etc.

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Reach New Users

Engage with audiences watching contextually relevant TV programming or specific TV viewing behaviors such as binge watchers, OTT streamers, etc.

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Make Up for Missed Opportunities

Target users who you cannot reach through traditional TV such as cord-cutters, OTT streamers, light TV viewers and cord-shavers.

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How It Works

Scale 1:1 targeted data

Samba captures all content that appears on a TV screen and identifies the TV show or ad in less than 2.5 seconds.

Segments pushed to DSP nightly

When a match to standard or custom audience segments is found, our infrastructure pushes the segments to DSPs every night.

Segments pushed to ad exchanges daily

The segments are made available in your DSP for targeting and refreshed on a daily basis.

Activate Samba TV Data on Platforms and DSPs

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