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Audience Discovery

Get instant reports of the highest indexing TV networks and programs watched by your target audience.

Use your 1st party data such as website visitors, CRM data, users in the market for your product or 3rd party data to discover what TV programming is keeping these audiences engaged.

How It Helps

Leverage first party data icon

Leverage Your 1st Party Data

Get a customized report of what your audiences are watching on TV by building the reports on your 1st party data.

Plan for TV Upfronts

Use the TV viewership data of your target audiences to decide where and how to invest your TV ad spends.

Create Cross-screen media plans icon

Create Cross-screen Media Plans

Invest media dollars in TV shows watched by your digital audiences to engage with them across screens.

Market intelligence icon

Market Intelligence

Use 3rd party data representing your competitor’s audiences to understand what TV shows their audiences are watching.

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How It Works

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Samba ingests your 1st party data or uses 3rd party data to create target audience profiles.

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Samba captures and identifies all content that appears on the TV screens of your target audience.

Samba provides dashboard reports using 3rd party data or a customized report for your 1st party data.

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