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Verified Tune-in Rate

The industry’s most well adopted tune-in measurement and attribution reports for broadcasters.

Samba TV’s Verified Tune-in Rate (VTR) tracks exposure to all tune-in ads (TV and digital) and analyzes the viewership of people exposed to each.

How It Helps

Actionable insights

Actionable Insights

Detailed data cuts across platforms, vendors and day parts showcasing cross-screen reach, frequency and performance.

Bridge TV and Digital

Bridge TV and Digital

For the first time, get a unified view of performance across TV and digital to understand incremental lift through combined strategies.

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Get Bespoke Reports

Get fully customized reports and tailored insights to highlight data points that make sense for your business to drive more tune-in.

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Industry Recommended

Integrated and recommended by Hulu, Google, Kantar Millward Brown as a preferred measurement partner for tune-in measurement.

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How It Works

digital ad pixel tracking

Samba tracks digital ad exposure through an ad pixel on your digital ads.

Tv tune-in tracked by Content ID ACR

TV ad exposure and tune-in is tracked through second-by-second TV viewership analysis using automatic video content recognition technology.

Samba reports tune-in driven by TV and digital campaigns within the normalized research panel that is fully representative of the US census and projectable.

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