QSR Playbook: TV Audience Data is the Secret Sauce

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QSR brands spent nearly $500 million on TV advertising in 2017, primarily across the major broadcast networks within tentpole events, reality programs and cable news. This presents several challenges for a crowded and competitive industry, the most-pressing being a lack of TV inventory to meet the high demand of QSRs all seeking to influence a similar target audience.

The added complexity of reaching elusive TV audiences — Cord Cutters, OTT/Streamers and Light TV Viewers — compounds the issue that large groups of viewers have a low likelihood of being exposed to a QSR brand’s TV spot.

Additionally, customer interaction with quick service restaurants has evolved beyond just simply visiting the location. Most now offer a combination of mobile apps, loyalty programs, pickup/delivery service and online ordering — features that require an advanced measurement approach to assess which media and creative components are driving sales.

In order to distinguish themselves and rise above the clutter, some of the world’s largest QSR brands have partnered with Samba to amplify and measure their marketing strategies across all screens, which is especially important given that approximately 70% of viewers are using a secondary device while watching television.

Samba has identified multiple coordinated tactics centered around TV viewership data to help QSR brands reach their target audiences and accurately measure the results:

  1. Target viewers that have been exposed to a competitor’s TV spot
  2. Extend the frequency of your TV spot by syncing with digital messaging
  3. Reach elusive audiences on their second-screens to extend reach
  4. Measure the impact of TV on location visits and online ordering/sales
  5. Compare the effect on sales that’s driven by TV and digital messaging

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