i-Com 2018 & Samba TV

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Samba TV was honored to be featured at this year's  i-Com Global Summit in San Sebastián, Spain - "The world's leading Marketing Data & Measurement Strategy event". Several members of Samba's management and leadership team were in attendance including: Aden Zaman - SVP, Strategy & Business Development Chris Jantz-Sell -VP, Global Growth & Strategy Ryan King - [...]

Masters Viewership & PGA TV Data

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Source: SB Nation If the 2018 Masters tournament was an indication of things to come for the PGA, golf fans proved their enthusiasm continues for one of the sport's biggest events despite a relatively tame performance from Tiger Woods (who finished T-32). The exciting Sunday showdown between eventual winner Patrick Reed and Jordan [...]

Samba TV Secures $7.5M Liberty Global Investment

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We are excited to announce that Samba TV has secured a $7.5M investment from Liberty Global - the world’s largest international television and broadband company - which completes our most recent round of financing. This partnership allows Samba TV to continue our vision of providing industry-leading TV insights and media solutions to Europe’s biggest brands, [...]

2018 NCAA Analysis: Upsets, Cinderellas & More

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There has certainly been no shortage of excitement during this year's NCAA tournament. It's represented the very definition of "March Madness" with historic upsets (we're looking at you, Virginia....again), buzzer-beaters and more drama than NCAA fans have seen in recent memory. Samba TV has measured viewership through the Elite Eight round to uncover trends and [...]

Roseanne Reboot: Controversial, Political & Successful

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Source: Legendary sitcom Roseanne rode the nostalgia wave to a reboot last week that was wildly successful by all accounts. During its first run from 1988-1997 the ground-breaking program consistently addressed controversial topics and broke down social barriers. Now in 2018, after twenty-one years off the air, the original cast has returned to a [...]

TV Audience Strategies for Spring Buying Season

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Spring is usually synonymous with cherry blossoms, barbeques and softball. But as the weather turns warmer, it also means that consumers are in the market for a wide variety of new products from home goods to vacation packages to a new wardrobe. Given the collective buying power during this season, marketers are rightfully vying for [...]

How March Madness Impacts Daytime Viewership

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The first round of March Madness is a sports fan's dream: sixty-four teams playing thirty-two games across two straight days, starting at Noon on Thursday and Friday. Both hardcore NCAA fans and casual bracket-watchers tune in for their favorite teams, alma maters or a chance at potentially catching an upset (we're looking at you, Virginia). [...]

Tiger Woods and PGA Viewership

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After years of dominance and then a precipitous downfall, Tiger Woods has recently enjoyed a resurgence in his career. His long road back to form appears to be a boon for PGA viewership, which had been missing one of its all-time biggest stars for more than nine years. Now Tiger is officially back in full [...]

Four Ways TV Data Helps Win the Playoffs

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Over the next few months, brands will be looking to the overlapping NHL and NBA playoffs as an opportunity to reach a wide-ranging sports audience. Both leagues feature diverse, growing fan bases and they're also both enjoying strong viewership this season - especially the NBA. However, advertisers looking to maximize their 2018 NHL/NBA playoff strategies [...]

Ashwin Navin Talks TV Tentpoles

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  Samba TV Co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin was interviewed about TV tentpole events such as the Oscars and March Madness, and discussed how live-streaming can benefit broadcasters and viewers alike. Read the full interview here, and follow us on Twitter to stay current on all things Samba TV! "It benefits a network to provide as [...]