ESPN’s “The Ocho” Bumps Viewership

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Source: Adweek This past Wednesday (8/8) ESPN2 morphed into "The Ocho" -- a 24-hour extravaganza of oddball sports coverage paired with multiple airings of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. It was a low-stakes gamble for the sports juggernaut, transforming a mid-week slate of second-tier programming into an anticipated event, and Samba TV data shows [...]

Ten Questions Your ACR Data Partner Must Answer

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Television viewership data and insights powered by Automatic Content Recognition are becoming a central strategy for many brands and advertisers looking to meet the modern TV landscape with a modern solution. While several companies provide ACR-based products, not all ACR companies are created equal. Methodology, transparency, accuracy and scale all factor into the ability for [...]

Samba TV Teams Rank Top Shows

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Here at Samba TV it goes without saying that we really love television, and when new team members join the company a fun on-boarding exercise is to have them give a list of their five favorite TV shows. Although we are currently residing in the 'Golden Age' of television -- with over 450 programs airing [...]

Three Political Strategies for Midterm Elections

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Political advertisers are ramping-up for the November midterm elections, but they are also faced with several challenges: a fragmented TV landscape, limitations of hyper-local targeting, and the difficulties tied to reaching elusive viewers such as Cord Cutters and OTT Streamers. Much has changed with cross-screen audience targeting since the 2016 presidential election - how can [...]

World Cup Final – Samba TV Insights

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Photo Credit: The 2018 World Cup has come to an end as France defeated Croatia for its first championship in twenty years. Without a US team in the tournament, there was uncertainty around the engagement of American TV viewers and speculation that casual fans would be less inclined to tune-in for the [...]

Leading The Field In Smart TV Consumer Privacy

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By: Ashwin Navin, Samba TV Co-founder & CEO   Imagine reading this headline: “Your Smartphone Knows Your Location At All Times.” The natural response today would be: “I’d certainly hope so, I wouldn’t want a phone that doesn’t!” Once smartphones hit the market in earnest in 2005, there was a steep learning curve for both consumers [...]

TV Insights: Awards Shows & Multi-Cultural Millennials

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Brands and advertisers looking to reach a niche audience of multi-cultural Millennials can focus on summer awards shows viewers, according to a recent TV insights analysis by Samba. Both the MTV Movie Awards and BET Awards skew heavily towards a younger audience, and both have a higher percentage of African American and Hispanic viewers when [...]

Six Strategies to Boost Summer TV Retargeting

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With summertime comes shifting TV schedules and lower viewer engagement, both of which require an advanced approach for reaching viewers. Executing a TV retargeting strategy that bridges the gap between Television and Digital screens provides the most effective strategy for ensuring your brand stays top of mind during the summer months. Samba TV offers more [...]

The Upside of Discovery’s Partnership with PGA Tour

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Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images   This is a smart bet by Discovery to grow their viewer base outside the US - golf has become an increasingly global sport and it's an untapped resource for the network. The PGA Tour and Discovery are teaming-up on a major 12-year deal centered around international broadcast [...]

NHL Playoffs Analysis: Las Vegas Golden Knights

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Photo credit: Jeff Bottari This year’s NHL Playoffs ultimately boiled-down to two major stories: Alex Ovechkin finally won his first Stanley Cup, and cemented his legacy as perhaps the greatest NHL player of this century. Additionally, the Las Vegas Golden Knights shocked the world by becoming the first expansion team in the history of the [...]