Winter Games Struggle to Capture Morning Viewers

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  We're nearly a week into the 2018 Winter Olympics, and Samba TV has been analyzing viewer habits across multiple dayparts to see how NBC's extensive coverage resonates with various audiences. With 24-hour coverage airing from PyeongChang, NBCSN has been hosting the majority of non-primetime coverage that features less-popular events. This year's Olympics have enjoyed [...]

2018 Winter Olympics: Daytime vs Primetime Viewership

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The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang are in full-swing, and NBC is airing events around-the-clock on a tape delay from South Korea. Samba TV provides insight into the differences of daytime and primetime engagement with our Real-time Viewership Tool that sources viewing trends from 13.5MM opt-in US households, all powered by Samba's proprietary visual Automatic Content [...]

Super Bowl LII: Samba TV Viewership Analysis (Part II)

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  Samba TV's comprehensive analysis of Super Bowl LII continues! Based on the deep expertise of our industry-leading Data Science and Research teams, Samba has uncovered key trends on how brands, verticals and commercial spots performed during the broadcast. We've also included trends on when and where viewers are tuning-away, and what content resonated before [...]

Watch Samba TV CEO Ashwin Navin on KTVU News

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Samba TV is the source for essential TV insights, and following Super Bowl LII Bay Area news station KTVU invited co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin to join the broadcast and discuss several of the game's most talked-about commercials. Watch the video below to hear Ashwin's perspective on TV spots from Amazon, Ram, Tide and others [...]

Super Bowl LII: Samba TV Viewership Analysis (Part I)

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  Super Bowl LII is in the books and the underdog Philadelphia Eagles walked away with an improbable 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots. Viewers were rewarded with an all-time great Super Bowl featuring multiple storylines that appealed to hardcore and casual fans alike. Samba TV measured Super Bowl LII viewership to analyze real-time [...]

Time slots, TV Trends and Channel-surfing

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  During the days of "Must See TV" a well-positioned time slot could make or break a new show's success. Getting the chance to precede or follow a primetime juggernaut could launch a program into stardom. Conversely, shows on the decline were often relegated to the 'Friday evening death slot' - a broadcast purgatory where dying [...]

2018 Grammys Win The Night for CBS

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  The 60th Grammy Awards aired last night and Samba TV was measuring viewership via our Real-time Viewership tool. As anticipated, the CBS broadcast held the top spot Sunday evening with an average of 5x higher viewership than the second-place program. However, the View Rate, which measures the average time watched by all viewers that have tuned-in, was [...]

Reaching New and Elusive Viewers With Seasonal TV

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Photo Credit: Each year throughout November and December television viewers are presented with dozens of programming opportunities tied to the seasonal holidays. This past holiday season Samba TV looked at viewing trends for the most popular programs during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve to uncover insights around the types of viewers that [...]

Win “Best Oscars Audience Strategy” with Samba TV

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Nobody is quite sure how the Academy Awards gained the nickname “Oscar”. One popular story suggests that in 1931, upon seeing the iconic gold statue for the first time, an academy staffer remarked that it resembled her cousin Oscar. Another claims that Bette Davis named it after her husband who was also - you guessed [...]

Samba TV: #CES2018

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CES plays an central role in Samba TV’s origin story, dating back to our first year participating in 2009 and then in 2012 when Samba (then called Flingo) caught the attention of Mark Cuban on the CES floor. Cuban was wowed by the technology’s potential and ultimately became an early Samba TV investor. Fast-forward to CES 2018 [...]