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Samba TV Trends & Insights: The 2018 Emmy Awards

Live TV tentpole events are the only remaining options for brands to reach a mass television audience and The Emmy Awards continue to draw high viewership despite a lack of age and ethnic diversity within its viewers.

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Overall Viewership

  • Nearly 6% of US households watched at least five cumulative minutes of the 2018 Emmy Awards broadcast.
  • By comparison, 12.5% of US households tuned-in for the Academy Awards back in March.
2018 Emmy's overall viewership

Real-time Trend

  • Emmys viewership started strong but steadily declined as the evening progressed.
  • Viewership peaked within the first 30 minutes and aligned with the Best Supporting Comedy Actress award.
2018 Emmys real time trend

Viewership by Designated Market Area (DMA)

  • Viewership was strongest in California, where Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento took 3 of the top 4 slots
  • The Florence Effect: Southern and mid-Atlantic DMAs had particularly low viewership, which is likely attributed to the effects of Hurricane Florence
2018 Emmys viewership by DMA

Demographic Viewership

  • All age groups younger than 55 indexed lower than the US average
  • Ethnic diversity was weak: African American (-25.2%) and Hispanic (-17.3%) viewers both indexed well below the US Average
2018 Emmys demographic viewership

Activate on Your DSP

Advertisers looking to reach Emmys and other tentpole awards show viewers can activate these Samba TV programmatic data segments in their DSP of choice:

  • Samba TV > Genres > Awards Shows
  • Samba TV > Premium > TV Tentpoles > Emmy Awards
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