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Murphy Brown Reboot TV Viewership Analysis

Following the unexpected Roseanne accolades earlier this year, networks have looked to spin past sitcom nostalgia into modern day TV success. Samba TV uncovered audience and viewership trends for the Murphy Brown reboot premiere episode.

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Premiere Viewership Comparison

There’s a curiosity factor that impacts viewership of a reboot, and Murphy Brown last aired in 1998.

  • According to Samba TV data, viewership for the Murphy Brown premiere episode was 65% lower than the Roseanne and 28% lower than Will & Grace (2017).
Murphy Brown premiere viewership percentage

Who watched: Demographic analysis

Murphy Brown failed to gain young and diverse viewers but reached its original audience demographics from two decades ago.

  • Viewers 55-75+ were the only age groups to index higher than the US average.
  • African American and Hispanic viewers indexed significantly lower than the US average as compared to Caucasian Murphy Brown viewers.
Murphy Brown demographics comparison

Content Overlap

What other programs and networks are Murphy Brown viewers watching?

Reach is the fraction of US HHs who viewed the network during month prior to premiere. Reach index is Murphy Brown viewers reach divided by US HH reach.

Consumption is the average number of hours watched of the network per HH during month prior to the premiere. Consumption index is Murphy Brown consumption divided by US HH consumption.

By Network

Top indexing networks for Murphy Brown viewers - ranked by reach chart
Top indexing networks for Murphy Brown viewers - ranked by consumption chart

By Program

Top indexing programs for Murphy Brown viewers - ranked by reach chart
Top indexing programs for Murphy Brown viewers - ranked by consumption chart

Cable News & Viewer Politics

The program’s main star and creator were clear that the current political landscape played a role in deciding to reboot Murphy Brown — so how did viewer’s political affiliation play out?

  • By using cable news as a proxy for political affiliation, Samba TV found that Murphy Brown viewers skewed heavily liberal; they consumed significantly more MSNBC and CNN versus Fox News than the US average.
Murphy Brown demographics comparison

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