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Royal Wedding Viewership Analysis

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Relative % differences to average US viewership

All cities with a viewership increase versus the US average resided on the East Coast, while nearly all with a decrease were West Coast. Additionally, the top three cities for viewership increase were ‘colonial cities’: Boston, New York City and Philadelphia.

Royal Wedding relative difference in viewership tv ratings by city

Week-over-week viewership increase (hours)

When comparing the Royal Wedding day to the previous Saturday (5/12), the 6am EDT hour had the largest increase in viewership, which is to be expected as it’s likely that only die-hard fans rose for the 4am coverage and an influx of casual fans tuned-in closer to the ceremony.

Royal Wedding Week-over-week viewership increase

Week-over-week viewership increase (network)

PBS enjoyed the strongest week-over-week viewership increase by airing the wedding coverage (122x over 5/12); most other Royal Wedding networks saw mild increases due to higher average viewership on a typical Saturday morning.

Royal Wedding week-over-week viewership increase

Network viewership

The three major broadcast networks (NBC, ABC, CBS) had the highest percentage of US HH’s tuning in for the Royal Wedding broadcast. CNN had the highest cable viewership, with 38% more US HH’s than Fox News.

Royal Wedding Network viewership

Demographic viewership

In relation to Samba TV’s research panel, Royal Wedding viewers skewed older and the highest-placing age group was 65-74. From an ethnicity standpoint, both African-American and Hispanic viewers fell well below the Samba panel average for viewership of the broadcast.

Royal Wedding Demographic viewership

Live vs Time-shifted

Royal Wedding viewers resoundingly preferred to watch the broadcast live – the Saturday morning time slot also likely increased live viewership. Approximately 20% of HHs watched the wedding as time-shifted.

Royal Wedding Live vs Time-shifted

Pre/Post content viewership

There was a high volume of pre and post-wedding content – Samba TV measured viewership to see which networks and programs had the highest engagement from viewers.

Royal Wedding Pre/Post content viewership

What else were wedding viewers watching?

Looking at total hours of content watched during the previous month indicates a typical moderate-to-heavy television viewer: major broadcast networks lead the pack, and morning talk shows, sports and reality TV programs index highly.

Royal Wedding what else were wedding viewers watching

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