Trust The Data II: Samba TV’s NBA Playoffs Analysis

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It was an exciting NBA playoffs filled with sweeps, Game 7’s and everything in between.

Hardcore and casual basketball fans alike tuned-in to watch the Golden State Warriors win their third championship of the 21st century, defeating LeBron James and the Cavaliers 4-0. This season was the fourth consecutive Cavs vs. Warriors NBA Finals matchup, but the preceding rounds presented several intriguing storylines to pull in TV viewers: 

  • Could the young and upstart Celtics go deep into the playoffs? (yes)
  • Were the Rockets the league’s best chance to unseat the Warriors? (no)
  • Are the Raptors finally equipped to overpower the Cavs? (no)
  • How will the Warriors fare in early rounds with Steph Curry injured? (just fine)

There were 82 total playoff games — the exact equivalent of the NBA’s regular season — and Samba TV analyzed data across every game to determine how the unfolding of the playoffs impacted TV viewers and NBA fans.

Sourced from our proprietary visual ACR across 14.4MM opt-in US households, Samba’s playoff analysis examined trends including: Round-over-round viewership; the most-watched games for each round of the playoffs; a geo-analysis of US cities with the highest/lowest viewership.

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