Six Strategies to Boost Summer TV Retargeting

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With summertime comes shifting TV schedules and lower viewer engagement, both of which require an advanced approach for reaching viewers. Executing a TV retargeting strategy that bridges the gap between Television and Digital screens provides the most effective strategy for ensuring your brand stays top of mind during the summer months.

Samba TV offers more than 150 viewership audiences that can be activated for real-time sync and programmatic activation – we’ve selected six audiences that can help boost your Summer TV retargeting strategy:

Samba’s Summer TV Retargeting Audience Strategies

  1. Reality TV Addicts: Broadcast and cable networks heavy-up on Reality TV programming during the summer. Reach these viewers to ensure you’re staying on top of one of the summer’s hottest program categories.
  2. Baseball TV Viewers: Hardcore and casual fans turn to MLB during the dog days of summer, which is only major sports with televised games during July and August. 
  3. Daytime TV Viewers: Relaxed schedules and more vacation time opens the door to increased Daytime TV viewing during the summer. Take advantage of boosting your reach, exposure and engagement during this daypart. 
  4. Movie Lovers: Late summer nights mean more time for Movie Lovers to catch-up on their favorite films. Reach engaged audiences that are watching movies on network, cable and premium channels.   
  5. Elusive Audiences: Summer viewers spend more time outdoors and less time in front of the TV – ensure audiences don’t miss your ads by digitally targeting light TV viewers, cord-cutters and OTT streamers.
  6. Brand Spot Unexposed: Your TV commercial is less likely to be viewed during summer months due to lower overall viewership. Use Samba to retarget viewers that are unexposed to your TV spot.


Contact your Samba TV representative to coordinate a real-time sync campaign, and activate these audiences programmatically in your platform of choice:





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