Super Bowl 2017 minute-by-minute analysis

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Samba TV is happy to share our 2017 Super Bowl viewership insights. The viewership data was gathered across the duration of the event and below are key highlights from one of the more epic games in Super Bowl history. 

  • 9 of the top 10 highest rated ads aired in Q4 or OT (total viewers)
  • The end of Q4 and OT had the highest viewership of the game.
  • A large influx of new viewers first tuned-in for the 4th quarter as the game became closer and the Patriots began gaining momentum.
  • Overall, viewership of SB 51 was strong and continued to increase over the length of the event. For comparison, SB 50 tune-in peaked in Q2 and slightly declined after halftime until the end of the game.
    • The top 10 viewed ads:
    • Sprite – Lebron (Q4)
    • Alfa Romeo – Take Everyone’s Breath Away (Q4)
    • KFC – Georgia Gold (Q4)
    • Tide Pods – Post Game (Q4)
    • Samsung VR- 24 Legacy (Q4)
    • APB – Promo (Q4)
    • Positive Coaching Alliance (Half Time/After Gaga)
    • Hulu – The Handmaids Tale (Promo) (OT)
    • SoFI – Do More For Student Loan Debt (OT)
    • Proactive – Olivia Munn (OT)
    • For comparison, the top ad from Super Bowl 50 aired in Q2 and was an AstraZeneca Pharma spot
  • The top watched play and largest increase to tune-in occurred to view the Brady to Edelman near-impossible catch that helped lead to the tying touchdown.

    • The top 5 ads all aired after this play
  • Top spots from the first half but not overall:
    • Wendy’s – Don’t Settle For Frozen Beef – 14th overall (Q2)
    • 24: Legacy – Promo (Q2)

For further insights on viewership patterns for the event, see the full report here.

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