SXSW 2019: Samba TV & Brand Innovators

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This year at SXSW in Austin, Samba TV partnered with Brand Innovators to sponsor a unique event that aimed to address the pressing question “What’s Next On The Digital Horizon?”

The conference was held Friday through Sunday on March 8-10 and featured some of the world’s largest brands including PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Johnson & Johnson and Kraft Heinz.

The event included a VIP dinner at Ruth’s Chris and a fireside chat between Dan Ackerman (CRO, Samba TV) and Todd Kaplan (VP Marketing, PepsiCo). One of the highlights of the weekend was the Samba hosted a brunch at La Condesa with our clients and partners.

Keynote & Fireside Chat

Todd Kaplan preceded the fireside chat with a keynote address focused on challenger brands.

He illustrated the misconceptions around challenger brands – noting they are not all small, scrappy companies – and discussed how large global challenger brands such as Pepsi can leverage its position to be disruptive and bold. Pepsi’s recent sponsorship of the Super Bowl provided a relevant and impactful example of this tactic.

During the fireside chat, Dan Ackerman and Todd Kaplan touched on multiple topics impacting brands that are navigating the “Digital Horizon”.

Creating memorable and impactful creative was highlighted as a priority for brands such as Pepsi, who are challenged to evolve their messaging strategies as the media landscape continues to become more fragmented. 

Todd Kaplan – VP Marketing, PepsiCo (Left) and Dan Ackerman – CRO, Samba TV

Their discussion also addressed success measurement – which for a brand like Pepsi can range from driving meme and social sharing to lower-funnel sales through shopper marketing. The complexity of measuring “success” across a multitude of audiences, formats and tactics requires a multifaceted approach to reaching target audiences.

Another key point during the discussion was the concept of tying brand messaging and culture together to become more relevant for consumers. The average American is subjected to thousands of brand messages each day – the ability to rise above the clutter and chaos is critical for brands to be successful, and it was interesting to hear how Pepsi is tackling the changing landscape of TV.

We hope everyone who attended enjoyed a fantastic weekend with Samba TV and Brand Innovators at SXSW – we’ll see you all next year!

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