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Content ID

Real-time automatic content recognition using video fingerprinting technology

Samba’s proprietary automatic content recognition technology combines video fingerprinting with machine learning to instantly identify any content playing on TV.

How It Helps

Video fingerprinting icon

Video Fingerprinting

Video fingerprint based methodology is more accurate and instantaneous compared to any other automatic content recognition solutions.

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Source Agnostic

Software built into the chip set level of TV manufacturers helps identify any content playing on TV across linear TV, OTT streaming and even video games.

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Real-time Data

Near instantaneous content identification helps capture sub-second level behaviors and is always on when the TV is on.

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Privacy Compliant

100% privacy compliant by collecting only opt-in data and using encrypted video fingerprints for content identification.

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How It Works

Content ID built into the chip set of smart TVs

Samba TV Content ID automatic content recognition technology is built into the chip set level of top TV manufacturers.

Samba Content ID captures video fingerprints of content playing on TV

This technology captures video fingerprints of content playing on TV and creates a one-way hash of the fingerprint before sending it to the Samba servers.

Samba database matches the fingerprint with the TV show, video game or other content

The Samba content database compares the hash with content across linear TV, OTT streaming, video games, movies and commercials to recognize the content in under 2.5 seconds.

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