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Device Map

A single device map plotting all the digital devices to the stationary TV of the household

Samba’s proprietary Device Map uses the stationary primary TV of the household as the master key and plots all the digital devices connected to that TV.

How It Helps

Cross-device Map icon

Cross-device Map

A truly cross-functional device map that bridges both TV and digital and creates a single unified view of the consumer across screens.

High Fidelity icon

High Fidelity

The Samba Device Map uses multiple sources to identify and map the digital devices to the primary TV to ensure that the map is complete and comprehensive.

Persistent Mapping icon

Persistent Mapping

Mapped devices are identified with an anonymized ID so they can continue to be tracked even when they are used out of the house.

Continuous Machine Learning icon

Continuous Machine Learning

Continuous pattern recognition and machine learning scrubs out outliers such as office TVs, devices belonging to guests, hotel TVs and devices, etc.

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How It Works

identify the primary tv in the household

Samba TV Content ID technology identifies the primary TV of the household.

Map digital devices to household

The digital devices belonging to that household are mapped using various data sources including IP address, Device IDs, Cookies, etc.

machine learning continuously cleans the device map data

Continuous machine learning and pattern recognition is used to remove outliers, add new devices, and keep the map updated.

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