The Intersection Of Data Science & Food

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Like many companies, our teams use Slack for group communication on a variety of topics throughout the day. Every now and then a conversation pops up that reminds us: it’s never a dull day at Samba TV. What started with a post of the below picture and a link to the ‘Soup-Salad-Sandwich Space Explorer’ quickly veered into a conversation we wanted to share with the world:

[3:41 PM]
omg, guys, are you ready for the more technical version of the cube rule?!


[4:51 PM]
hah this is hilarious, so you can legitimately get an answer if you cross Pizza [0.0, 0.3, 0.6] with Xiao Long Bao [0.8, 0.0, 0.3] and get an imaginary food (I assume as one of the terms goes negative which isn’t possible in reality) called PizzaXLB [0.09, 0.48, -0.24]. Also, you can also test for linear independence of some set of foods.

[4:53 PM]

^me about PizzaXLB

[4:57 PM]
it’s imaginary. need to find some non-imaginary crosses

[4:57 PM]
so you like bite it and marinara seeps out?

[5:06 PM]
That sounds potentially delicious.

[5:22 PM]
I thought this was just called a Hot Pocket, which I ate already for lunch.

[5:25 PM]
pizzaXLB all of a sudden doesn’t sound so good

[5:27 PM]

[5:32 PM]

[5:41 PM]
++pizzaXLB (i’m gonna get one before you do :P)


So in conclusion, we’ll be expecting the pizzaXLB food truck any day now (we’re also hiring!).


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