Anatomy of a Reboot: Murphy Brown Edition

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Source: CBS

The reboot of Murphy Brown aimed to represent a very specific political voice,

but did it pick up any additional viewers along the way?

Following the runaway reboot success of Roseanne, which basked in congratulatory Trump tweets and enjoyed exceedingly strong viewership amongst Republicans, CBS had no qualms about the type of political audience Murphy Brown was intending to speak to (and for).

Prior to the premiere reboot episode, Candace Bergen stated: “We wouldn’t have brought back the show if Hillary Clinton had won. All of us felt that now, we had a lot of things to say, and Murphy can address those things in a way that most shows couldn’t.”

Murphy Brown creator Diane English further elaborated: “We felt like it was something that would make a new version of the show very relevant. It’s time to give a voice to the resistance.”

Viewership Analysis

Samba TV analyzed viewership data to uncover insights around the demographics, political affiliation and TV content preferences of viewers who tuned into the premiere reboot episode of Murphy Brown.  Our analysis answers several questions about Murphy Brown viewers (see below for a link):

  • What age groups and ethnicities indexed highest?
  • Did the reboot pickup younger viewers that didn’t watch the program’s first run?
  • What political affiliation did viewers skew towards most?
  • What other networks and programs are Murphy Brown viewers watching?

Reaching Viewers with TV Data

Brands looking to reach these types of viewers can activate Samba TV’s audience segments in their DSP of choice by searching for the following taxonomies:

Samba TV > Genres > Sitcoms/Comedy Shows

Samba TV > Dayparts > Primetime TV Viewers

Samba TV > Premium > TV Networks > CBS

Samba TV > Premium > Politics > Liberal Affinity TV News


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