Samba TV Insights: Who Is Watching The Emmy Awards?

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This year The Emmy Awards turned 70, which begs the question:

Who is still watching?

The 70th annual Emmy Awards aired September 17th on NBC, continuing the yearly tradition of recognizing excellence in primetime television. While the Emmys has always played third-fiddle to the Oscars and Grammys, it still draws a sizable live audience and offers brands a rare opportunity to reach viewers at scale in a single broadcast.

This year the Emmys were shuffled to a primetime Monday slot — likely an effort to avoid competing with Sunday Night Football — and the three-hour-plus broadcast was watched by nearly 6% of US households, according to Samba TV data. As a point of reference, 12.5% of US households watched the Academy Awards ceremony this past March.

Samba TV analyzed demographic and geographic trends throughout the broadcast to understand which types of audiences are engaging with the Emmys. Despite the diversity that is being represented in primetime television programming, Samba’s analysis discovered that a very specific demo group is propping up viewership.

Additionally, our second-by-second viewership trend of the three-hour broadcast revealed that audiences were less engaged as the ceremony progressed, which means fewer viewers saw the evening’s most prominent awards.

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