Check it out after the game! Samba TV viewership insights from Super Bowl LIII.

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Will Maroon 5 live up to the hype in the halftime show? Which $5 million 30-second ad spot will draw the highest viewership? The game between the Patriots and Rams will have a massive TV audience tuning in to watch the most anticipated live television event of the year. There are lots of questions about Super Bowl Sunday, and Samba TV will have the answers.

Next week, Samba will release its Viewership Analysis for Super Bowl LIII. Samba can provide these types of reports as we measure real-time viewership across 14.4MM opt-in US households. Samba can also leverage this data to provide effective advertising solutions, such as targeting viewers who watched last year’s game with cross-screen digital messaging on their second screens. This is why Fortune 500 brands and agencies turn to Samba as their primary source of TV insights, analytics, and audiences.

To provide a little taste of what to expect, you can view last year’s Viewership Analysis from Super Bowl LII. Example insights include:

  • Which Super Bowl commercials had the highest and lowest overall viewership?
  • Which brands and verticals commanded the highest percentage of commercial time?
  • What else were Super Bowl viewers watching before, during and after the game?

Whether you enjoy football or just want to watch the commercials, we hope you enjoy the game! Come back next week to check out Samba’s Viewership Analysis to see who else wins on Sunday.


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